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Yoga in the Tank Room

April 22, 1:00 - 2:00PM – 1833 Flint Hill Rd. Landenberg PA

Cost : $25.00 - Wine Club Member Discount : $5.00 each on a max. of 15 persons - pre-payment required for online tickets


Uncork, Relax, Unwind. Yoga encourages us to gracefully unwind and age, much like a beautiful bottle of wine. Your focus will be drawn away from the everyday hustle and bustle with this one of a kind yoga class in the winery tank room. Each class is designed to relax the mind and open the senses to encourage a mindful, one of a kind wine tasting experience


  • $25 per guests 
  • 60 minute yoga session
  • Wine tasting of four wines to follow 
  • Beginners are encouraged 
  • Please bring a yoga mat & a sweatshirt just incase it gets chilly in the room. 
  • Contact with any questions







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